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With the dawn of invisible dental aligners, Invisalign is the sure frontrunner for many years as it is the first one to come out available on the market. But here comes ClearCorrect, another invisible orthodontic option that promises the same benefits at a much more affordable price. Let us now compare and see who wins the battle: Clear Correct vs Invisalign.


Clear Correct vs Invisalign: The appearance

Since both products are made of transparent medical grade material, both are clear and unnoticeable. ClearCorrect aligners are made of an advanced polymer material called Zendura that is said to be crack- and stress-resistant, making it a suitable material for a dental aligner. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are made of a medical-grade thermoplastic called SmartTrack that has the same characteristics of an ideal clear aligner – clear, durable, FDA-approved, and BPA free. So for this round of the Clear Correct vs Invisalign battle, they are both tied.


Clear Correct vs Invisalign: The treatment

When it comes to the orthodontic conditions they can address,  both treatment also have the same outcome. Both clear aligners are suitable for patients with crowded or crooked teeth, overbite or underbite, gaps or spaces in between teeth, and other minor teeth misalignment. Your dentist may recommend one over the another, but because the results of the treatment are almost the same, it may be your decision to choose which one to use.


Clear Correct vs Invisalign: The process

On this criterion, the decision to choose would depend on your orthodontic need. The Invisalign system follows a treatment procedure where dental aligners are manufactured right from the very beginning of the treatment, so your orthodontic process follows how your aligners guide your teeth to its correct place. With ClearCorrect, the aligners are made one at a time, depending on the speed of your orthodontic correction, so chances are, the ClearCorrect dental aligners you will wear will be slightly more comfortable than the Invisalign ones. Also, adjustments to the process are possible during the whole ClearCorrect treatment, but it is impossible for Invisalign since the technology it uses already has your ideal teeth alignment outcome mapped out even before your treatment starts.



Clear Correct vs Invisalign: The manufacturers

Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign are headquartered in the US, and both started their name there. But since Invisalign is now a global brand with several offices open around the world, its aligners are also from different parts of the world, like Pakistan, Costa Rica, and Mexico. ClearCorrect, on the other hand, only manufactures and designs its products in the US and ships it to different countries like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America.


Clear Correct vs Invisalign: The cost

ClearCorrect claims that its orthodontic system is much more affordable than Invisalign. Its official website shows a price tag ranging from $2000 to $8000 USD, equivalent to $2800 to $11200 AUD. This price estimate still depends on the level of orthodontic solution a patient needs and the dental fee a dentist sets with his patient. The Invisalign system has a rough price quotation of $3500 to $9000, also depending on the patient’s need and the dentist’s fee.

Though it would seem that ClearCorrect can really be more affordable than the Invisalign system, it is still best to consult your trusted dentist on which clear dental aligners would best address your needs.


Getting an orthodontic treatment that addresses your needs is more important than knowing which is more popular, more widely used, or more affordable. Its efficiency in solving your teeth misalignment, its flexibility in adhering to your dental needs, and the comfort in using the product are more important than its cost and appearance. Discuss with your dentist which clear dental aligner is more suitable for you. It is through their expertise and experience that you can determine which is better, Clear Correct vs Invisalign.


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